Self-Publishing Advice from an Expert: Part 3

Part 3 of Hillary Doyle’s interview with David Braughler, Account Manager at Greyden Press.

What are some examples of books you’re published recently?

Recent books include “Images Old and New” – the culmination of 20 years of study of Christian Mysticism, by Sarah Seymour-Winfield; and “Trails End: Stories from Yesteryear” – stories by Author Ken McCarty about growing up in Appalachia during World War II. Current projects include a cookbook written by University of Dayton Graduates for current UD Students and a great business skills improvement book by a first time local author.

What was your most memorable self-publishing project?

To date, one project that really stands out resulted in publishing “The Wonder of Writing” by Rachel Giesel. Rachel was a high school senior at the time we began working together. She was very interested in writing, and was working on a class paper on the topic of Self Publishing. Through a couple of common acquaintances, she learned of me and Greyden, and asked if she could interview me for her paper. I suggested she visit our plant and see firsthand how books are made – the short story is that I offered to convert her paper into an actual book for the class project. (She got an A of course!)  But here’s where it really gets interesting – she decided to promote her book like a self-published author should, and created a website (, a blog and a twitter feed. She is currently reprinting copies of the original book, as well as a new workbook, both for sale on her site. She has also been working as a staff writer at a local magazine and has begun offering her services to other authors looking for assistance with their own books. What started out as one more homework assignment has now provided tremendous creative fuel to a very talented young writer. As she heads to college this month to further her writing career, she will show up the first day as a published author!

Any final tips or advice for authors wishing to publish their own manuscripts?

Stay true to your vision of your book – find a company that is willing to take the time to work with you and ensure that the finished book matches that vision; one who is genuinely interested in your work and your success as a self published author!

Many thanks to David for taking the time to share his expertise with us!

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